Roses Revolution

Imagine me, being twenty-one, witnessing the first time the majesty of birth
She was a godess, deeply connected with her sexuality
I – was not needed.

Baby came out, just with her and papa
she laid down, surrounded by us three servants.

her vulva was red, bloody, swollen
Showing the deepnes that she reaches.

He, papa, asked if he can see
I was scared, what will he feel?
It did look different then normally.

He looked down
And said wow
“Like a rose”.

Yesterday was Roses Revolution Day,
every 25th of November
Against violence in the birth space,
laying down roses on the stairway
of a womans personal hell

Autor*in: Emilia Tapli

i believe that the children the visions and art come from the same place they come through the heart. through that we can carry them those creatures those souls. as mamas and midwifes and fertilize soil. my music:

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