Kreidezeichnungen – Dankbarkeit

An einem Novembermorgen
in meinem Hinterhof
finde ich sie wieder,
die Kreidezeichnungen der Kinder,
die in ihren Köpfen
eine flirrende Landschaft entdecken,
um sie am nächsten Tag
auf den unterkühlten, grauen Trottoir zu malen.

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International Women’s Day

Today – I celebrate women. All women on earth for their being on this earth! 
I am tired, slowly waking up, but content. It’s going to be a good day – a day of female empowerment and I want to hear women’s voices. 
I feel this desire to unite – yes stand in unity. Hand in hand.
Getting words written down in honesty to see what comes up naturally and unfiltered. Female power fuels the engine of my modern, new age society. A call back to tribe and community. A call for rest, reflection and deep care. I learn a lot from women. Blissfully. Through meeting womanhood, I began my journey into sensuality, slow touch and intimacy. 
Most men experience intimacy through sexuality.
Whereas most women experience sexuality through intimacy. 
Speaking in stereotypes in a generalized manner, of course. Most of the times I try to avoid them, but somehow they are fitting here. I believe. The biggest gap in human.

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