I want to write about this.
So, so badly.
This Language, this Platform, this Topic – Let’s go:

A weeks worth of conversation, just in one moment.
It’s still going, right behind me and in my head.
I am fed.
Fed for a weeks worth of diary writing, sleeping and letting my brain do it’s magic.
I now wish I cloud also just go and meditate,
but hey, I can write.
The topic is meta, by the way.
Not even going into abstract metaphors today.

I have so, so, so much respect for this energy.
This clearness in the hustle,
this focus on the what-needs-to-be-decided-now,
this having room for excitement, dreams, being euphoric and wow,
this room for me.
This beautiful connection in which I can just be,
keep my thoughts only for a very little while,
while feeling so Janey Mac on board.

And, because full meta today,
the food is ready now and I need to end this poem
even though there is weeks of thoughts to write about
just from the last few hours.

Autor*in: Mara

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