Sitting with myself

Sometimes, I find myself hating what disturbs me.
I show a thought the middle finger,
when it comes to turn over my stomach.
I try to push it, drown it, ignore it,
before it can make me feel,
what lies beneath the thought.

Yet I know, that I have a choice.
That I decide what disturbs me,
and what brings me closer to myself.

I find myself at peace
when I look at all of those pieces,
I am put together of
and just let them be
exactly what they are.

If they are ideas,
I let them be ideas.
If they are thoughts,
I let them be thoughts.
If they are visions,
I let them be visions.
If they are dreams,
I let them be dreams.
And if they are feelings,
I let them be feelings.

Sometimes, when I let them all be what they are
when I don’t try to change
an idea into a plan,
or make a vision out of a dream,
when I don’t judge my thoughts
to be better or worse,
or want my feelings to go away –

them I am
at peace
with all of my pieces.

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