Drunk 2

This is a scream. 

Because I see a whole world of drunk people
Trying to destroy every mirror they can find
So they don’t need to see
The shadow next to their light.

So I start once again with Rumi to picture my thought:
He said „The truth was a mirror in the hands of god. 
It fell, and broke into pieces.
everybody took a piece of it, 
and they looked at it 
and thought they had the truth.“


So what happens if there is a group of people
With lets-say three from hundred pieces
Sayin they can see it all?

What happens if this group of people
Is Scapegoating the others
And no one screams out loud that this is wrong?

What happens then?
We saw it often
In history
and science fiction future movies.
I dont need to say more
But stop scream around with your hands on your ears,
and listen to your heart to(o,)
get informed.

It could be your fist
That will hit hard
When I read the newspaper
Of intellectual, left-handed that use the gender-star
I can feel

it is not that far
From where we are. 

Autor*in: Emilia Tapli

i believe that the children the visions and art come from the same place they come through the heart. through that we can carry them those creatures those souls. as mamas and midwifes and fertilize soil. my music: https://youtube.com/@emiliatapli

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