Strength in Tears

From trust in self
To pain and woe
Unsteady health
Come base below

What held to bare
Misfortune grand
Now sorrow’s flare
To guide my hand

And by it’s shine
The scene revealed
This war of mine
No more concealed

A mountain made
Of former slopes
By my own hand
To halt my hopes

Yet strength in tears
I feel arise
And gather them
To face demise

As up I scale
The mountain grows
Against my feet
A river flows

It is a task
That I can’t master
The water crashing
Ever faster

A taste of salt
As I concede
I let it fall
The tide impede

And though before
It weighed me down
Made heavy feet
It turns around

To aid my step
Stand in my stead
I focus on
The way ahead

In clarity
I now may know
Where truly I
Will have to go

Though mountain grew
peaks turning white
It slows to stop
Dawn bursts from night

And in the rain
Of darkest days
I stand to gain
My lightest ways

From seeds of
melancholies dear
My greatest strength
A single tear

Autor*in: Lef

Tanz mit mir zum Glück

3 Gedanken zu „Strength in Tears“

  1. Wow, I am flashed by the words that make a river flow in me.
    It makes me greatful for all my tears ever shed and all the words that i read! <3

  2. 🦋
    oh. wow.
    So dense. I feel like I will find something new in the poem all the next times I’ll read it.
    I am wondering: “This war of mine /No more concealed” No more concealed to whom? To yourself, others, or both?
    and I loveeee:
    “And in the rain
    Of darkest days
    I stand to gain
    My lightest ways”
    Thank you for sharing this poem <3

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