You are whole and now

Looking out of the window into
the pale blue sky
I see a bird flying by,
telling me she’s heading
to a faraway place
making the last turns around the
well-known face,
watching it’s flowers and towers
from above.
And I ask her if I can fly there too,
so I can finally let go of you.

With a chirping sound I hear her say
can go
any hour and any day
and wherever you may like to stay.
But don’t forget
letting go needs more than that.

It needs attention
for the dark corners of your heart,
for the long forgotten and neglected
for your wounded skin and you’re
falling apart,
when you’re always wanting and
trying so hard
to change.

But nothing changes and you stay
where you are
and the dust settles while you forget
where you wanted to go,
so far
away from all the pain,
let it be carried away by the rain
of your tears.

And in some years
you will look back and see that you
are always,
finding back to yourself

Here and now,
and at any hour and any day
you can be sure you’re on your way.

And I hear the bird sing:
breathe and let yourself be overwhelmed
by your whole and sacred being.

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  1. Hey! Ich hab mal das Video so gemacht, dass es gleich im Post mit drin ist. Gefällt dir das so? Wir können es sonst natürlich auch wieder so wie vorher machen 🙂 Und als Kategorie hab ich mal „Video“ hinzugefügt oder hast du noch eine andere Idee für eine passende Kategorie? Dankeeee fürssss Teilnennnn!!

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