Like cures like

They say ’my friend,
Out of the most bitter
The most toxic, scarred, deterrent, ugly plant
you can press medicine.

Dialute her, one drop in hundret
And the water pulsate on your hand
Count hundret beats
until your heart calms down
and the waves of the leaves sweep around.

Don´t go from outside
But find the source
Don’t drink from the river too fast.
There are still worlds to cross
Through future and past
Nurture yourself for this walk.

You have work to do!’
And they were right
Out of the most bitter plant
I pressed medicine
Like cures like.

Autor*in: Emilia Tapli

i believe that the children the visions and art come from the same place they come through the heart. through that we can carry them those creatures those souls. as mamas and midwifes and fertilize soil. my music:

2 Gedanken zu „Like cures like“

  1. When I heard the title i heard and saw Elizabeth, but when I heard the whole poem I heard a with a with and all through I saw you diluting and succussing magnificeng, magic, medicine!
    I love you, thankyou for this and for you : )

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