I go barefeet

there was so much pain
so many strong sensation
of waves and expansions
the natural reaction
would be contractions

but instead I was breathing down, opening my mother’s mouth, wave after wave out of this cave. and suddenly in the middle of birth I realized to bring life onto earth I need to learn to let go, first there is always death before life can occur. oh they are best friends walking hand in hand through every beginning through every end. and I realized when my child got born, it is the safest thing  to not hold on as the only stable thing in life is transformation. and i realized
from this moment on that dying is not the problem at all. finding the warming relief in the grief, finding the end of the thread as the starter to weave. and I realized when i wanna be free, when i wanna be me, when i wanna be in presence, when i wanna be here I need to let go of the identity, all the stories, that were whispered into my ears, all the shoes that I wore out of other centuries – shedding them off

I go 

Autor*in: Emilia Tapli

i believe that the children the visions and art come from the same place they come through the heart. through that we can carry them those creatures those souls. as mamas and midwifes and fertilize soil. my music: https://youtube.com/@emiliatapli

3 Gedanken zu „I go barefeet“

  1. oh
    thank you!
    oh I love “oh they are best friends walking hand in hand through every beginning through every end.” and “finding the warming relief in the grief, finding the end of the thread as the starter to weave.”
    and the rest as well
    and it’s nice to hear it with your voice!
    thank you for making art and thinking about death&life and sharing it – that topic really moved me this sun cycle.

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