A girl

built herself a cave out of cloths
With the laundry rope and her pink flower hair clips to hold
that she bought in a french tourist shop near the sea
with the money she earned in cents
by selling her paintings in the street.

She sings
no words, just hums and vowels
every sound a vow
to her intimidated play
in her cave.

Figures in her hand
has them in her hand
she paints their faces grey
and blue
and true.

Here, she is powerful.

Oh lovely deary me
I love you.

Autor*in: Emilia Tapli

i believe that the children the visions and art come from the same place they come through the heart. through that we can carry them those creatures those souls. as mamas and midwifes and fertilize soil. my music: https://youtube.com/@emiliatapli

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