I was 13
you were slightly
touching my knee
I laughed a lot

enjoying attention
trying to figure out
what to do, to say
how to make him

you needed to leave
I was relieved
to return to my friends
you looked at me
big dark eyes

nobody had done this
maybe I am special
you were sad to leave
is this what is feels like?
being a teenager

„the moon looks so big“
you whispered
I hugged you goodbye
turned my head
the moon

I expected you
kiss my cheek
every men I meet
does it
address of welcome

I remember
your spit so wet
as you slowly kissed
grabbed my head
my face

you turned it
I saw two dark eyes
„I need to do this“
and pressed your lips
on mine

Inspired by this Ted Talk by Olivia Gatwood.

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